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Book Swapping

Book Lovers Unite!

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Welcome to book_swapping.

Please read the rules before joining the community.

1) DO NOT SEND Erotica, Romance or anything that could be considered inappropriate to persons under the age of 18 - regardless of their country! If we learn that this rule has been broken, you will immediatly be banned from the community.

2) A survey that includes your age is required in order to participate. If you do not post a survey which includes you age, you will be sent a reminder. If it is still unfixed within a reasonable amount of time, you will be removed from the community. (See Rule #1)

3) Be sure to post a message when you receive a book so the sender will know it arrived. (You may also post when you send out if desired.)

4) Have fun! If you enjoy a book, feel free to post about it. We would like this community be be active so enjoy yourselves and make some friends!

5) This is an all age community. As an all age community, please exercise discretion in regards to icon usage.

6) If there is an problem, please contact the mods at bookswapping@gmail.com.

All members of the community must be approved so please be patient if it takes a day or two to be approved.

Once approved, please fill out the short survey and post it to the group. (Make sure your post is friend locked if posting your address.) All surveys will be saved in memories so you can easily find people who might be interested in your book.

The goal is to have fun!

Happy Swapping!


Our layout is from thefulcrum, made by grrliz. The header was made by alliana07 of Call It Desperation Designs.